Find out how you can join the thousands of others who are having the best year of their lives working and living in Australia and New Zealand!

Curious to see the world? Do something different? Take a break from a stressful lifestyle? Here at Travel Hooligan we get it. Come and take a look at our comprehensive and personalized guides which will show you step by step how to make the leap and have an incredible year abroad that you will never forget. Stop procrastinating and let us show you how easy this process can be. Whether you want to leave next year or next week, our guides have you covered. Get out there and explore, dream, discover!

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Utilizing a working holiday visa to travel and live abroad is a big change from your everyday life. It takes a lot of mental courage to actually buy the ticket and get on the plane. Planning doesn’t have to be as hard or scary as it seems. Our passion is travel and we want everyone to give themselves the opportunity to explore these wonderful places.

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