Meet the Team

Hi, I’m Jennifer Heuett, Co-founder of Travel Hooligan.

IMG_5020I started traveling at the ripe age of 19 and haven’t looked back since. After graduating from Boise State University, I tried to get a “real job” and struggled too long for all the wrong reasons. The wrong reasons being that I was looking for a career that I thought would define me, rather than finding my own path to a job that I wanted. In 2011, I was tired of my mediocre life and even more tired of looking for a career in a market that was on the decline. So I changed my direction…literally. I booked a one-way ticket to New Zealand, and took advantage of the Working Holiday Visa. After two years, I jumped across to Australia and did the same thing. Using these visas, I’ve had jobs working in places you only see in movies, met incredible people from all ends of the earth, experienced new cultures and customs, and most importantly, began to really feel alive. I want to share my stories, real-life experiences, and tips to create a guideline for those who are interested in escaping the bubble and taking the first step in creating a new chapter in their life. I started this site as a destination for those who want to learn valuable information that will help them plan their own escape.



Hi, I’m Daniel Melewski, Co-Founder of Travel Hooligan.

Soon after starting a career, I realized there was much more I wanted to see and do before I got stuck in a dull routine, with a tedious job, massive debt, and no room for escape. So I made a change. A friend recommended that I join her on a trip through Asia with the possibility of working in Australia afterwards. It was a scary proposition, but I saved for year and then headed off. Travel, as it turns out, was my true passion. I spent eight months in Asia followed by a year in Australia with the working holiday visa.  I knew I wasn’t done traveling after Australia, so I chose New Zealand as my next stop. After my working holiday visa ended there, I got sponsored and stayed another year. Two years in New Zealand and only one in Australia wasn’t enough to take me home, so I headed back down under once again.

I love traveling, and I want to help others realize the pleasures and possibilities that await you with a working holiday visa in Australia and New Zealand. Whether you’ve traveled extensively, or it’s your first trip, Australia and New Zealand have a lot to offer. The working holiday visa allows you the unique ability to get a job and immerse yourself into the culture…as well as see some amazing places. Let us help you have the time of your life, and share the great experiences Jen, I, and thousands of others have had.